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 Exterior Detailing


 Exterior Detail:

Our  Exterior detail service, reduces light swirling and adds luster to your finish. sealed with a 3 month sealant.

(Gentle Hand Wash, Clean Wheels, Clean Door Jambs, Paint Decontamination,Trim, Single stage Machine polish,Tire Dressing, Windows)

Cars $300 Wagons $325 SUV $350 3 Row SUV $400  Van/Full $450

Interior Detailing


Interior Detail:

Our Interior detail service is our introductory interior service. Thoroughly providing you with a clean vehicle minus shampooing of the floor and carpets. Perfect for customers with all weather matts.

(Dash, Center Console, Steering Wheel, Door Panels, Spot Clean Headliner, Seats, Floor Mats, Trunk, Door Jambs, Interior Windows.)

Cars $200 Wagon $225 SUV $275 3 Row SUV $300 Van/Full $325



Senior Architect

The perfect exterior and Interior cleaning service. For customers who like to keep their vehicle cleaned year around without  the fuss.

Once J&S come and detail your vehicle you are now eligible to purchase this package. Its a pre-pay service to where J&S come out three times within a year and puts the car back in the same condition as we left it the first time. This is only a one time fee and its good for  a year or till the three are used up. Please call for more info or ask tech when he is on site.


Senior Strategist

Every vehicle has its on journey on the road. Whether its neglect from a busy life or finally finding just the right car that needs some extra attention. we can help restore your finish, eliminate that fowl odor. The following services can be added to either your Exterior detail service or Interior Detail service.

Paint Correction

Hard Water Spot Removal

Over Spray Removal 

Smoke Removal

Pet Hair Removal

*Note: All above services are NOT included in the Detailing services 

Call Now For More Detailing & for Pricing